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隨處「悅」讀                     Joyful Readers

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light” – Aristotle


From out of the depths of a global pandemic comes our Jockey Club Sustainability Fund: Joyful Readers Community Project – an initiative inspired by the year-long lockdown and partial shutdown of the city, and designed to uplift, enlighten and educated in times when we need inspiration more than ever. Join us as we reignite a passion for reading and wellness though a host of online education programs. From Wellness Guidebook to storytelling workshops, masterclasses to Reading Festival, the year-long program will spark light in even the darkest of corners and bring Hong Kong back to life!

在我們最黑暗的時刻,我們必須專注於看到光明」 –亞里斯多德


在全球大流行席捲之際,香港經歷長達一年多的局部封閉與不同場所的停擺。比以往任何時候,我們都更需要鼓舞。「賽馬會社區持續抗逆基金— 隨處『悅』讀」計劃正是從這裡出發,旨在通過一系列在線教育計劃,重新激發我們對閱讀和健康的熱情。內容包括心靈探「悅」、故事手作坊、大師班及「悅」讀節等等。請加入我們這為期一年的活動,在最黑暗的角落裡點燃光芒,為我們帶來一點動力!