Jungle King 

Online — Original Mini Theater

Available for children aged 3-7 and parents

Jul 02, 2021 (Friday) | Conducted in English; Chinese subtitles 中文字幕

Lion, King of the jungle, built a playground for his own and made the river very dirty. The animals in the jungle are not happy with Lion as he polluted the river. They started to question if Lion can really take good care of the jungle. The animals thus hold an election to search for a more suitable King. This is a beginner story on environmental issue for children to read and enjoy. At the same time, they can build environmental awareness and habit of environmental protection.

About the speaker:

The Li Ka Shing School of Professional and Continuing Education (LiPACE) is one of the six constituent schools of the Open University of Hong Kong. Originally established in 1992 as the Centre for Continuing and Community Education (CCCE) and renamed as LiPACE in 2000, it has carried out its original mission of serving the broadest range of learners in HK. LiPACE is now an established Vocational Professional Education and Training (VPET) provider of full-time post-secondary education and part-time professional and continuing education as well as corporate training. At the same time, it advances non-formal learning through its two flagship programmes for women and senior learners, the Capacity Building Mileage Programme (CBMP) and the Elder Academy Open University (EAOU).




2021年7月2日,星期五 | 英語演繹; 中文字幕

叢林的動物對於獅子大王污染河流的行為很不滿,原來獅子大王在叢林中建造一個遊樂場,令河流非常骯髒。動物們紛紛質疑獅子大王到底能否好好照顧叢林。動物們為了尋找一個更合適的大王而展開了一場選舉….. 小朋友,除了可愛的動物們,我們都要照顧叢林,照顧地球呢!這是個有關環保議題的入門故事,小朋友可以輕鬆聽故事,同時建立環保意識,養成環保習慣。

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