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在未來的 9 個月,我們會透過 Facebook 和 YouTube 直播進行四次富有教育性的線上分享。通過與作者的對談,讀者可了解書本的寫作背景和特色主題內容。

整個心靈探「悅」系列將會全面透示心靈健康課題。記得把握機會,與作家、 業界領袖和亞洲協會會員在線上進行交流,集思廣益。



The Jockey Club Community Sustainability Fund Joyful Readers Community Project brings you the ‘Wellness Guidebook’, a digital catalogue featuring leading authors from around the globe who will delve into topics of spirituality, mental health and wellness.

This four-part digital series, taking place live via Facebook and YouTube, will unfold over the next nine months taking you through the origins and themes of unique literary titles through panel discussions with authors and readers.

The culmination of these online session will result in a holistic view of mental health and wellness presented in our digital ‘Wellness Guidebook’.

Take this virtual chance to join in on a dialogue with writers, industry-leaders and fellow Asia Society members to discuss new ideas and share in a cultural exchange we’ve been surely missing. It’s time to pick up something you otherwise wouldn’t, learn something new, and reconnect with a different part of the world. Read on bookworms.


Session 1: "On the trail of Buddha – A Journey to the East”

Evening Conversation by Deepankar Aron, Author and Sarah Wei (Moderator)

Live Streaming on Facebook & YouTube

March 31, 2021 (Wednesday) | 6:00PM - 7:15PM (HKT)

*conducted in English

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